Friday, May 21, 2010


Only one week of lessons left in my senior year and I am determined not to do the essays about how material our world is and how ads rule us. So, that brings me down to 10 that I have to finish by Friday.
Am I worried? Nope.
Should I be? Probably
I have done more in less time so time for me to get cracking..

Correction make that by Wednesday and I have finished six of them... WHOOT

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long ago I gave up on any attempt of being what others deem normal. I have been known to start excrete liquid from my eyes in the middle of classes for no apparent reason, though there were times when the music of chorus did move me to tears because of sheer boredom. Normal is a word I don't really like to use that often, mainly because what is normal can be put up for debate quite easily.

"Normal" people can't seem to entertain themselves without some form of electronic device anymore. I get lost within the recesses of my mind at every possible opportunity. When I am bored my imagination puts me on auto pilot and takes me to a magical land of magic. Maybe that is why math is not my friend this year...

I grew up feeling like the black sheep of the family because even though my mother was hyper she was no where in my ball park of crazy or even my galaxy. I suppose you could blame the extreme crazy on my youth. (wow, that made me feel old) I did tone down the insanity a bit over the years but I can't be anyone else but myself.

On a side note I am having a very bad day school wise because of a miss communication between the collage I applied to and my high school. It got resolved but I had to spend the last twenty minutes running from guidance to home room and back and forth and back and forth. Now there are strange things going on in English class... I think I have finally lost what is left of my sanity... Nope I still have it.

I find it amusing that I have been trying to update this for about 3 hours and this is as far as i have gotten... then again I did have to do school work during this time.

No work is going to get done while Scene It is on... BWA HA HA Dani and I are dominating.. Anyway this is enough ranting for now... We shall meet again tomorrow... maybe

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Beginnings... Well.. Sort of.

For those of who who have just stumbled across this blog My name is Rain... ok so that is a lie, Rain is just easier to pronounce than my real name. I am the creator of a small web comic on titled Insanity Untamed. It is just a dramatization of my life and what goes on inside my head. I change names to protect the identities of my friends and enemies.