Friday, December 24, 2010

Broken Laptop, Reading, and Twilight Fans

It is official. My laptop is broken. I will not go into detail about how it got broken but I will say this... If you buy an apple laptop, go with a uni-body.  My screen has been busted open and I am kinda sad because it will cost me a considerable amount to fix it and I am currently jobless.

What really sucks about this situation is that I never realized how many sites I had bookmarked until I started to borrow mom's laptop. I also have considerable amounts of writing done on my laptop. Like twenty rough drafts of novels... and story ideas...

I had some really good ideas jotted down that I was going to weave into a certain series. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have a sudden bout of inspiration and have to search for a notebook to write it in.

On the bright side though I have the opportunity to read more now. I am already 410 pages into my 572 page book so that is good. I did forget that I can read long novels that aren't on the internet and if I want to I can polish off a book in a night. It's somewhat less shameful to stay up late reading a book than staying up late surfing the web.

You guys have no idea how many books we have in our house that have been read devoured by my mother and I. OK so my collection is mostly manga but I do have all the Harry Potter books... somewhere. I will admit I have read the Twilight series when I younger. If any obsessed Twilight fan who thinks Edward is real tries to use this against me I can simply say that I did it so that I could  know my enemy. I have been accused of secretly liking the books on the Gaiaonline forums.

"If you hate it so much than why did you read them?" they ask me.

I will respond with.

"I admit I used to like them, then I went to high school."

I can deal with people enjoying reading Twilight, it's just the fans who are so obsessed with the entire series that they believe Edward is real.

I also don't like what Stephanie Meyer has done to the image of the vampire. As a little girl I was fascinated by vampires and even invented a imaginary boyfriend who was one of these dark creatures... and looked like a young Johnny Yong Bosch, the actor who played Adam the second black power ranger... and was named after Rocky the second red ranger... Don't judge me....

Vampire Rocky didn't struggle with the whole worry of draining me dry, then again I was seven and such an idea wasn't present to me yet. I still was fascinated by the idea of a creature that survived off the blood of others. What really made me grow to hate the twilight series was the fact the so called vampires were sparkly among other things.

. Meyer could have kept Edward's desire to kill Bella in the story but changed a few things. Like making Edward and his "family" Fae. Fae can be just as scary as a vampire and it would be plausible for them to be sparkly in the sun. Meyer could have given Bella a personality. Bella as she is now is a copy and paste character, the reader can copy and paste themselves into the story. Hence why the series is popular now, but as we know popularity does not, a good book make. I really want to know why all the students of Forks High want to be her bestie or get into her pants. Actually, I want to know why Edward wants to date a girl who is the vampire equivalent of crack? Why does the world revolve around Bella?

I am aware that the book is told from Bella's point of view but seriously, part of me thinks that Bells is making most of this shit up. Wait... that would explain a lot. She has rewritten her human life cause she realized she was boring.

I have to talk about the stupid baby who I hated from the moment Meyer started to flesh out her character. Renesemee Cullen is the type of character who I make into the villain in my writing. She is way to full of herself and I wanted the Volturi to kill her. And another thing.. The imprinting of a teenager on a baby... WTF MEYER? That is gross... No! ILLEGAL! GOD STUPID BOOKS MAKE ME ANGRY!! RAIN SMASH!

Sorry about that... I have watched all the movies thus far and I will continue to do so until they run out of steam. Why? Because, I want to see Charlie. He is by far the best character in all of the movies. I say in the movies because he doesn't have much personality in the books. I want there to be a movie about him and his dealing with his stupid daughter who wants to be sucked dry by Eddiekins.

You know what is a good example of taking the vampire mythos and changing it. The Intertwined books by Gena Showalter. The vampires in Intertwined are actually menacing and the Vampire love interest, Victoria, actually eats humans and she isn't a whiny. She actually drinks off of her boyfriend who is human and the reason she just doesn't turn him because it might very well end him forever. Not just because she doesn't want to damn his soul. But you know why these books are so great? The main character, Aden, is not loved by everyone and he has issues. He lives at a ranch for troubled boys because people think he's crazy because there are four human souls living in his head. This actually makes his reaction to the concept of  the existence vampires makes more sense. He was already introduced to the of the supernatural. Also want to know how long it takes him to start kicking butt? The first chapter. How long did it take Twilight?  18...

The bad guys both appear later in the books but Showalter actually mentions the bad guy before he appears even if it is only in passing. I just realized that both books have vampires named Victoria and both of them are more interesting than any of the Cullens.

I have to add that in my opinon the reason why Twilight is so popular is it doesn't make people really think. There is little to no foreshadowing and the end of the entire series is highly disappointing. I am still reading the secound book in the Intertwined Series but so far it's a trillion times better than Twilight.

Oh and Jinni, you are more awesome than Victoria ^^ I <3 you.... like a sister.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


college has once again stolen all of my attention. This past week has been finals and I have spent the two weeks with my face in books. Now I have to deal with selling my books back to the school... So I have to find the answer booklet for the math text book... fun. It also doesn't help that I am going to have to us my mom's car because mine is easier for Grandma to climb into... And now I am mad cause I have a feeling they are going to got the the bridal store without me.... again.

I am not looking forward to standing in an insanely long line... Then again... MONEY! So in short... Comic will be back on Wednesday.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yankee Swap

It is getting close to that time of year when my family gathers round the Christmas tree in one of my uncles homes and participate in our family tradition of stuffing ourselves silly and picking numbers out of a hat.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars buying presents for twenty people the adults used to pull a name out of a hat on thanksgiving and buy a gift for that person. The children all got presents from the adults cause we are spoiled little darlings. A few years ago our family tried something new. We started to do a Yankee swap. A Yankee swap is when everyone brings a present and we pick numbers out of a hat. One unwraps the first present of their choice and waits for two to go. If two likes the present 1 has they swap then ends the round and we move onto three. Basically the more people unwrap the more choices to be had. In the end 1 gets their pick of all the presents.

One is the best and two is the worst...

The first year we attempted it was rather... interesting. I have always had a hearing problem. The doctors say I'm fine; I can hear the tests they give me really well, but put me in a loud room and I go deaf. Well this would be my downfall.

It was my turn to go up and pick a present. I picked up a heavy box going for weight over size. I didn't hear my uncle tell me I should pick a different present and went back to my seat. I unwrapped the gift and pulled out beef jerky, which I could not eat because of my retainer. I had already decided I was going to swap with mom who had unwrapped a sundae kit. It was the next thing I pulled out that sent roaring laughter ripping through our family. I pulled out a huge bottle of Colt 45 A.K.A. Hard Liquor.... I was about twelve.

When the laughter died down I turned to my mother seated next to me smiled and said. "Well if you like it so much... Here you go." I said placing the box on her lap and taking the kit a smile on my face.

My only regret? We didn't film it cause I am sure that we would have gotten ten thousand dollars.

This year I plan on contributing a mug to this years Yankee Swap with the picture below as a sort of inside joke among my family... And I sort of want to see my uncles fight over it like they did the Leg Lamp Ornament from A Christmas Story.

I can't sleep

I have inherited my sleeping habits from my father the wanderer.  I can stay up late and if I have to function on coffee for the day. There have been times when Dad and I had to get up early so we could get to the airport with enough time to get through to security and sit around for an hour. Which was fine by me because night driving in interesting for me (when I am not the one driving).

Well, the staying up late bit can become a problem when I have to repeatedly wake up at 8am so I can get ready for class and drive a half hour. It is mornings like that I am thankful I don't wear makeup. I just roll out of bed and walk the 12 steps from my room to the bathroom and pick out a shirt from the mountain of clothes next to the washer/dryer tower then I am pretty much set for the day. I have even made it easier on myself by keeping my Tue/Thurs school supplies in my car. I am dressed in 10 mins. and I surf the web for the next 20 before I leave for school.

Anyway... I spent most of Thursday (12/9/10) finishing up three essays due the next morning at 11. I am a firm beliver in the fact that if i can write 6 3-paged essays in 2 days I can write 3 2-paged essays in one. I must have looked interesting sitting on my bed wrapped in my comforter, quilt, and a fuzzy blanket like they were a huge cape because it was 15 degrees outside and my room is comprised mostly of windows. The heat was leaking out of my room out into the cold of OOB. The fact I was cold might also have something to do with the fact that my mother moved the dresser that was keeping one of my doors from moving. I have a set of french doors for a wall and I have always kept the door without the handle closed so I have an inkling of privacy.

I did get the essays done before my bedtime, which ranges from 1am to 3am. I printed out the essays then went to do the damn dishes because I was starving after not eating and I couldn't find a clean bowl. I ate dinner at 2am because I wanted stew goddamn it. I tried to go to sleep afterwords (in retrospect I shouldn't have eaten because that supposedly keeps you awake) but I couldn't. I even tried to use Georgette as a pillow but nothing was working. I did manage to fall asleep for about 20mins. before I was snapped awake suddenly. I grumbled as I wandered about the house trying to tire myself out so I could get at least a few hours of shut eye. I made a grumpy face at mom and informed her that I couldn't sleep (It was around 5 so she was already awake because the dogs so pee at 4). She told me to take out the trash and recycling because it's trash day. So I put on my jeans and mom's boots and did as she asked.

I spent the next few hours working on a story idea that I have been working on for the last few days and drinking mom's coffee (it's her blend, I drink it cause it's already made). So now it is 8:38 and I still haven't gotten a decent nights sleep and I have to start thinking about bringing my boggs into the house so they can warm up before I head off to school in the 12 degree weather.

I feel I must inform you that Georgette has decided to sit on my coat. I am going to have to give her a cookie for warming it up later. lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Depot Is Dangerous

Having been really frustrated the other night over having to finish a 10 page essay that I only had a few paragraphs done I got a little rough with my light switch. The light switch I have in my room is the dimming kind where you push in the knob to turn it on and off. I pushed it and fell back onto the bed so I could start working on my essay. The light didn't go on (meaning i had to get back up off my bed that is on the floor.) I used to be able to turn off the light with my foot but since I couldn't reach it I shot up and with the heel of my hand slammed my fist into the switch. Not only did I break the switch plate but I burned out the light. I held off on screaming and pulling out my hair so I could call mom and ask her to bring me some regular light bulbs. The new spirally save you a million dollars a year light bulbs don't work with my light fixture.

I informed mom when she handed me the light bulbs that I would need a new switch plate and she told me I needed to got to Home Depot. For those of you who don't know what Home Depot is it's a hardware store chain. There was only one small problem, like my grandmother once we go in we don't want to come out.

I drove to the Home Depot that was nearest to my house after classes and pulled my self out of the car. I had done something to my legs to make them really sore and achy for some reason and I had made the mistake of wearing my clogs that added two inches to my height and hurt when I had to walk long distances. I had managed to park relatively close to the main entrance.

When I entered the store I was greeted by the sight of plastic Christmas trees that had the lights already attached. Like a moth to the flame I walked straight towards the sparkling wonders. I stood there looking at the snow globes displayed underneath the trees, my childhood fascination with snow globes returning once again. I snapped out of my daze by my realization I was having a conversation with myself under my breath.

I moved on looking for switch plates and I ended up walking to the opposite end of the store and back on my hunt. When I found what I was looking for I took my time figuring exactly which one I wanted. I ended up picking the unbreakable nylon switch plate and laugh chuckled at the irony.

As I was heading to the checkout counter I saw the shovels. I rushed over to them and started to look them over as I talked to myself. There is this running joke between mom and I about shovels. When I was twelve and had a bigger room upstairs I was given the task of cleaning my room. Annoyed by this after about an hour I grabbed the snow shovel after I swept everything into a pile in the center of the room and I started to shovel everything into a banana box. Mom thought this was funny and the Cleaning Shovel was born.

Our orange shovel was on it's last legs and mom didn't like the blue curvy shovel so I decided to buy a new one. Then I saw the windshield wiper fluid with antifreeze. Seeing as how it's getting close to winter I grabbed a bottle. So I ended up buying a shovel and antifreeze in addition to a switch plate. I have way to much fun in Home Depot.

Also I have concluded I must marry a lumber jack or a carpenter because I love the smell of lumber.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Need To Know

I started to re watch Disney's latest princess movie, The Princess and The Frog just so I could have some background noise while I hand colored a picture with colored pencils. I pretty much ignored most of the movie looking up only when something interesting was said on screen. I paid full attention when my favorite character Mama Odie entered the movie.

If you don't know Mama Odie is a blind one hundred ninety seven year old bind who lives Lives in a mofo boat in a tree on the bayou. I tell you if the trees in my grandma's back yard had been strong enough to support a freaking boat shaped tree house I would have plead for one.. Heck if I had a back yard now I would want one now even though I am nineteen.

Mama Odie is a strange person and this can be conributed to the fact that she is 197 and doesn't give a rats ass what you think of her. But one thing bugged me while watching the movie. Mama Odie is making Gumbo in a bathtub. As awesome as this concept is I can't help but wonder.... How is the Gumbo staying in the bathtub?

As you are aware, bath tubs have drains. I am pretty sure that a rubber stopper would melt or die or something alone those lines if it was put directly over flames. Did Mama Odie have secret wielding skills and weld a piece of metal to the drain? (That would explain why she is blind. ) Did she use magic to close up the hole? What? TELL ME DISNEY! SCREW SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF I NEED TO KNOW!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

College Is Like A Jungle...

It is time once again to select new classes for the next semester and of course that means hundreds of students trying to find classes. It's a hunt and you have to be a ninja to get the classes you want. I have already picked out the classes I want and now i wait for the Add/Drop period to open so I can be all set for this spring.

In high school you wrote down what electives you wanted to take and got put on a list in alphabetical order by grade level. Seniors got 1st pick, juniors got 2nd ETC. ETC.

One class I refuse to take ever again is chorus. When I was younger it was mandatory for all the grades to perform a few songs once a year. I loved it when I was little, especially that one time we had a Sound of Music theme and I got a solo. What amuses me was that I could have been Gretl the youngest of the Von Trapps. Instead I was a puppeteer and I got to sing. "One little girl in a pale pink coat hear. *yodeling* She yodeled back to the lonely ghost heard." I was so proud then.

I moved onto St. Patrick's catholic school (which is now condos BWA HA HA) and tried Chrous my first year and sort of fell out of if. That was until I started going to Loranger Middle School in Old Orchard Beach. I was an Alto at first then I got switched into the Sopranos.  It was the first time I stayed with chorus for more than one year. I stayed in chorus for six and a half school years.

Dani and I both got out of Chrous because, well... Stupid Freshmen are Stupid. My junior years was great because I was in the class that met ever other day and had very few underclassmen. We knew the drill and got straight to the point.

Chrous as a senior made me want to pull out my hair. Not only was my teacher pregnant, making her evil, their was only one class. The freshmen would not shut up and kept breaking the two major rules. 

1) No cellphones.

2) No gum

I GTHFO of there after one semester. The bad semester wasn't really the only reason for me opting out. I was kinda annoyed that the same group of kids kept getting the solos. I know that I don't have the best voice but I'm no slouch either. Maybe it's cause I am a loud person and thus a loud singer or maybe the teacher just played favorites.  I hadn't gotten a solo since sophomore year and I was bummed.

It got to the point when I didn't even care if my parents came to see me sing. Dad had to drive for three hours just to see an hour and a half of band and chorus. I didn't see the worth in making my parents come if I didn't stand out. I am tall so I was always thrust into the back of the bleachers behind everyone else. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

My current schedule is as follows

This is what I want for next semester

 Hmm what an awful lot of English. Now I must wait until 8 am... or midnight I'm not sure yet

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleeping on the floor... It's like camping only without being cold and bitten by bugs.

I was growing tired of sleeping in a bed that had a dip in the middle on one side and the fact the bed frame punched a hole in my wall and rubbed away the paint on one side of the wall. Mom and I decided that it would be best to put my box spring and mattress on the floor for the time being. I started to clean my room in preparation.

Cleaning is not something I willingly do very often and when I do I either clean my room, the 1st floor bathroom, or the kitchen as they are all about the same size. Cleaning puts me in a very odd mental state, I become like a feral animal, a trait mom and I share.

I could never live in a time when women were expected to clean, because the depression I was born with would have manifested in a worse way than it did. I might have killed someone.

Cleaning frustrates me and what makes matters worse is the knowledge that if I stop I will lose my momentum and give up.  This is another reason I don't like people over, it means a scrub down of the lower floor.

Another problem I seem to face when cleaning is the realization of how much stuff I actually have and the lack of any inkling of where to put it all. Though I must say that I was really happy when I found the design for Eric's hair, (Eric being a character in one of my future novels. He has morphing hair, meaning I can never remember how to draw it.) Then I found several books. I started to pile things on my bed and Georgette stared at me from her spot among the blankets.

I took a break when mom got home to get her dates Mr. Whoopie Pie and Doritos. I ran into my English teacher and being in a strange mental state I might have been a bit confused about why he asked me if I was working. ( I didn't realize that I looked somewhat dressed up... Did I ever mention I go to the store in my nightgown often? Don't worry I cover it with a black skirt and sweatshirt. )

I got what I needed to get and went home muttering to myself about something random. Mom and I started at the mess that is my room and felt a sense of dread at moving my bed.

We flipped the bed on it's side and stared at the layer of junk on the floor.

"Mom, where's the shovel?"

"In the cellar."

The one I have to go outside to get to or the one that I can get to from the nameless room?"

"Outside" Laughing at my pain.

I was around this point I noticed that the dogs were wandering among the trash and I might have been better off doing this on my own. That thought was squashed by my next thought of "Like I would turn down free help."

Mom left me to pick through the pile for anything I wanted to keep. After about ten minutes I resolved that if it had been under my bed for X amount of time then I really wouldn't miss it so I we started to scoop things into the trash bag. We flipped the box spring so that the dip was aimed at the wall and flipped the mattress on top.

I am now hunting down a new bed and platform that won't punch holes in my wall and make me pull out my hair in anger.

Be sure to read about my worst day ever also posted today ^^


Last Sunday was the worst day I have experienced so far. It all started when my charger decided to kick the bucket and I had no power for my laptop. I was OK with that, I mean I could just go to the Apple store after classes on Monday and get it checked out. I tried to use mom's laptop but couldn't figure out how to switch between wireless signals so I just played solitaire.

Then the rain came. My bedroom ceiling started to leak all over my bed and I got an eyeful of ceiling water. Since mom and I had ditched the metal frame I could easily move my bed so that the water wouldn't dampen my face. I managed to move it but I stepped on a corner of the box spring that was coming off and punctured one of my little toes on my left foot. I of course started to cry and bitch about my life to poor Georgette.

I got the bed settled and punched off the light to go to sleep with a constant dripping going off by my head. The sound was maddening so I grabbed my pillows and blankets then herded my dog into the living room. I laid down a blanket on the couch and piled my pillows. I turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep. I have been forced to sleep on the couch many times before and I hate it. The couch is not big enough for me and a dog to sleep on and all of the dogs like company when napping.

As I lay in the dark I was treated to the sound of howling wind and the house settling. I turned the light back on and started to play solitaire again when the power went off. I closed the lid on mom's laptop, since I didn't know how long the black out would last, and sat in the pitch black. I started to feel my deep set fear of strange noises in the dark start to act up.

The lights went back on and I got up and went into the kitchen to get my emo diary. The emo diary is a notebook I write in when I am feeling strong negative emotions that I want to share with mom but can't vocalize it because I am in coherent. I started to write my about my anger and sadness about my woes. It was mostly just a rant. I played solitaire until the dripping had longer gaps in between and charged my iPod on mom's laptop. Then I gathered my bed supplies and went back to bed.

I am a firm believer in karma. When ever something bad happens something equally good is on it's way. Let's just say that my Monday was a lot better than Sunday was.

Be sure to read the blog about my new bed situation also posted today ^^

Monday, November 1, 2010

College Math

Since DD is being a bone head I will be posting the comic pages here until DD works. enjoy ^^

I sit in the front row of my math class and draw in the notebook I originally bought to take history notes with until I relized that I could take notes with my laptop. I have always been the type of person who can derive entertainment from simple doodles or writing. In fact teachers few teachers can keep my full attention during class. I have even gotten in detention in middle school for drawing during vocab chicken.

Part of me feels that ADHD is a made up disorder, this is what happens when you get medicated for two years and you fall into a deep dark depression at the age of ten due to said medication, but I will joke that "I have ADD real bad today."

I was focusing in class the other day and we were learning about something involving numbers (Yeah that really narrows it down doesn't it)and my teacher stopped talking. I looked up at him and watched as he blinked at the broad for about five minutes just blinking. His silence was ended by him proclaiming "And now I am lost."

This of course was the funniest thing I have ever heard.

I have a problem

A word of warning, this is a rant. I am currently tired and frustrated and just need to vent. I will try to make this post somewhat intelligent but I can't make any promises. Now that we got that out of the way...

I don't deal with change well... well changes that have to do with the websites I frequent. It mostly has to do with the navigation features, I like to know how to get to the page I want with out hunting it down. When the website starts messing with these functions I get a bit... angry.

Normally I keep quiet about my frustration, and bet over it after I get used to the new layout, but this new DrunkDuck make over has me more than a little angry. Maybe it's just road rage carried over and maybe the fact that my over active imagination hasn't been letting me sleep more than a few hours these last few nights isn't helping, but I don't like the fact that this shift is making the major source of my entertainment going haywire. I NEED MY DOSE OF VAMPIRATES AND TELEPATHIC SIX YEAR OLDS!!!

I have to give DD credit for giving me a long span of time to adjust to this so my anger is less death glare oriented and more "THIS IS GOING ON MY BLOG! FEEL MY OUTRAGE BWA HA HA HA HA!"

I'll give it a chance, and I'll feel better once my mind stops seeing monsters about to jump out of the dark living room and eat me late at night... Now to chug a bottle of Diet Pepsi and try to focus in class...

 DD looks pretty awesome... now if only you could actually read comics

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poor Kitty

I took notice of the fact Georgette had a bald spot on her back side a few days ago. I pushed the fur around the area back and saw a wound. I began to worry about it but I decided to worry about it after class. So I got ready and left for school. I got to school a half hour earlier than I needed to be so I sat in Garnet and called mom on my cell phone.

"Why is my dog going bald Mom?"


"Georgette has a injury that she has been licking and now she is going bald."

Mom said she would look at it after work and I went to get my education.

The next day mom called the vet and left a message on my cell phone that I had turned off. I just happened to have swung by her work cause I wanted to deposit a check in the ATM in the lobby even though the bank was across the street. She told me to drag my poor puppy to the Vet.

I had time so I went to get something to eat because I was starving and my emergency pop tarts in the glove box wasn't going to cut it. I went to Panera Bread and got a sandwich then sped towards the highway. In my hast and occupation with stuffing my face with sandwich I didn't notice I was heading north instead of south. I quickly turned myself around and forked over another dollar to the toll plaza. I grabbed Georgette after quickly walking the other two.

Not wanting a repeat of the last time I had to take a dog to the vet on my own I filled up my gas tank. We got to the vet early and waited in one of the exam rooms, Georogette cowered under my chair as I read my book.

The vet ended up having to shave her back and give me pills to sneak into my dog's after walk snack. My poor dog wanted out of the vet pronto and the moment that cone was secured around her neck she tried to make a break for the door. Two things were wrong with her plan...

1) She was on a leash and could only go so far.

2) The door was closed and she walked right into it.

She is doing better now that she has been wearing a shirt. But because she is a smaller dog we are having trouble keeping the shirts on her. Now I must focus on the fact I have a paper due today that I haven't finished yet.... Shit.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A-Dork-Able pt. 1

Welcome to the new segment entitled ADORKable where I tell you about the dorky things I do or own that makes me just that much more adorable.

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday I load my backpack on wheels into my car and leave for school. When I get there and start to walk towards Jewett Hall I feel like a huge dork. What is it about walking down a street with a rolling bag that makes me feel like I am an idiot? Is it the fact the last time I had one of those babies I was in fifth grade.

I have my reasons for using the rolling backpack, like the fact I have to lug heavy textbooks across campus and I inherited back problems from my mother. I still feel like an old lady with that bag but I will continue to use it until I find a better alternative.

That's all for now... Time to go back to watching season 5 of House M.D.  and Daria on DVD

Oh, on a side note my mother broke the washing machine again... Why do I see many laundry mat visits in my future? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nami Vs. Rain

What can I say about Nami? She was a thorn in my side during my last year of high school. She somehow weaseled her way back into our group freshmen year.

Even my mother doesn't like her. She had a nightmare where Nami would not leave her alone. I feel my mother's pain.

BTW Nami and her family are dancing ghost eaters... You heard that right she is a MOFO Warlock, thought she can't do that right. She still has one floating around her head, granted it's a mess. It's left drooling and void of most emotions except the primitive ones. It's very creepy. Warlocks can't see the dancing ghosts but they can sense them so that is why Ghosty was safe.... I kept telling everyone she was hiding in my bag when she was really hiding in my hood.

I can't believe I was being used by Nami and her whole family. Warlocks gain power by eating the guardian (dancing) ghosts. I was a means to an end. I can pinpoint the location of ghosts and talk to them, thankfully she doesn't know about Alan.

Alan has the ability to see the ghosts as well only his powers come from a demon cursing him with the ability to see them. He hates it most of the time cause his ghost is a little perv.

Anyway I have been avoiding Nami lest I say some things that I might regret later. Nami has a way of digging her claws into unsuspecting people. I pity her dorm mate.

I am not the only one who dislikes her... Beth and Dani both hate her with a fiery passion and I didn't even tell them Nami tried to eat their ghosts.

Well it is late and I have class in the morning... Night

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Rain

My mother asked me to wash some clothes, simple enough. I picked up my mother's jeans and did a quick pocket check and threw them in the washing machine. I then threw in one of her work shirts, my jeans, a few of my shirts and a bra. I poured out the correct amount of liquid detergent, set it and forgot it.

I went back into my room and started at the computer screen while I tried to think of how to start my essay for English. About three hours later I remembered the laundry so I got up and trotted over to the bathroom/laundry room and moved the clothes in the dryer over to the mountain to deal with later. When I moved the last article of clothing in to the dryer I noticed a black lump in the washing machine. It was my mother's cell phone... I promptly swore and tried to turn it on in the hopes it was one of those wonder phones that can survive anything.

Needless to say it didn't work. I started towards the stairs and stared picturing the punishments I would endure because of this. I could just see my mother inflicted the look upon me as I climbed the stairs. I stood at the head of my mom's bed and took a deep breath.

"I am a bad daughter." I informed my mother who was barely awake.
"What?" was her responce.
"I killed your phone... I will go ground myself now."
"What happened?"
"Your phone went through the washing machine."

My Mom looked at me and shrugged.
 "I am not to worried about it... Go to bed."
So I did.

This is not the first time I have killed a phone. There was that time I fell in to a lake with my cellphone in my pocket... I have stepped on one of my old ones and destroyed the screen.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look at the shiny

I have put a down payment on a used PT Cruiser. This is a big step for me and I am paying for this with my own money. I have been shopping around for the last few weeks and decided that a PT Cruiser was what I wanted over the Neons we looked at.

The first car my mother owned, (which was bought after I was born) was an emerald green Ford Escort that lasted eight years before we needed to change the battery. I don't remember when we started calling her Esmeralda (after the gypsy from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame... which brings up a new thought.... how the hell was her kid white in the second movie?) but that is what we call her to this day...

We even dubbed one of Grandma's Golf Carts Pearl, thought I can't remember which on since she has replaced them at least twice since she retired. Our attempts to give the red Jeep Cherokee one of my uncles bought my mom when we had to replace Esmeralda because she was not used to the long trek every day from our new house to Mom's work. My idea to name it Rubella was shot down almost immediately.

I was ten how was I supposed to know that was the name of a virus...

The monster would forever be know as simply the Jeep. Whatever repairs Mom had to get mended would be met with this remark by yours truly. "Well at least the Jeep was free." So what is the A/C doesn't work and the only way to cool off the car is to roll down the windows. The windows that only the diver can roll down because the switches don't work on any of the other doors... The widows that have occasionally gone off the track and  fell open when it was the winter. So what if the heater decided it would be fun to stop working three years ago in the middle of the winter. So what if the only way to listen to music is to set the fade all the way to the rear speakers cause the front speakers conked out. So what if the dammed thing sucks up gas like it was oxygen. So what if the battery decided to die when Mom and I were both late for school it's a MOFO free car.

Esmeralda was tagged with fond childhood memories and I was sad to see her go... but mom never let my draw on the dashboard until last year. OMG have you ever just picked up a chalk and doodled on the steering wheel of a car? It's fun vandalism!

The guy was surprised that I was interested in the PT Cruiser because apparently peoples my age want foreign sports cars that are worth a gazillion trillion dollars... After driving a jeep since I was sixteen I feel more comfortable driving a bigger car.

So I only need to sign the paper work and drive all the way into the middle of New Hampshire and I will have my very own car..... HAPPY DANCE OF JUSTICE.

So yes... Help me name my car...

Scarlet or Garnet?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poor Ghosty

 Goto for the latest update

 I started college on Monday. Ghosty hates it when I start going to a different school because of the people she doesn't know. I am sitting in the student center waiting for my class which starts at 1100 and it's 0926 now and I have 38% (about 40 min.) of power left on my laptop. I keep eyeballing all the outlets but I suffer from the crippling disease of shyness. So I will most likely start reading my history book instead of ask to sit with someone who is near the wall with an outlet. Being shy sucks.

I remember being more shy when I was little and being deceptively quiet when ever I started a new school. Then one day I let the fact I see Ghosty let slip and I am ostracized again. Well, my old high school was very accepting about me and my strange ways. I may never be that lucky ever again.

I don't know how to interact with people. I mean I haven't had to make friends with people since the sixth grade, is that doesn't make me out of practice I don't know what what does. Actually I am suprised I made the friends I did considerign Beth has a slight lack of emotion and Dani is a player in the management profession... PIMP! We shall not talk about Nami at this time... That is for next week.

Poor Ghosty, at least she has a bag to hide in now. although she has to share the bag with several textbooks... BWA HA HA I JUST MOVED SO I CAN HAVE AN OUTLET SEAT I FEEL DIABOLICAL BWA HA HA!! I didn't have to interact with people! I don't mind being alone, it makes the fact I space out look less... ditzy. I am infamous for the fact I forget somethings almost as soon as I hear them.

I have picked up the weird habit of writing time like this 1300 instead of 1:00 pm. I picked this up at work and I think it's going to stay for a long while. It just makes it less complicated... maybe. I think it looks cool, like a secret code. I am Rain the spy!!! mwa ha ha ha ha!

I started a post for next week and it's a long one. I promise... I just need to get my hands on mom's laptop... Give me time my pretties, give me time. See you next week ^^

Thursday, August 19, 2010

High School All Over Again

I was forced to get up really early this morning so that I could car pool with my mother to our place of work. She had to be there three hours before I did so I was planing on taking a nap in our Jeep. I spent all of a half hour in the car tossing and turning before I turned to the wireless interwebs provided by the company where I work. It is ment to be used for the costumers, but why is Facebook, Youtube and Twitter blocked? The web sites with naughty images I can understand but what is morally wrong about Youtube?

I feel like I am back in high school again. They blocked a whole bunch of sites, and again I understand the pornographic sites. The thing is the high school I went to let me procrastinate on Youtube...

Is the company I work for trying to prevent employees from playing on the internet? It seems a bit to over censored to me. Then again I am of the generation that needs the internet to survive. At LEAST GIVE ME YOUTUBE!!!! T-T

Friday, May 21, 2010


Only one week of lessons left in my senior year and I am determined not to do the essays about how material our world is and how ads rule us. So, that brings me down to 10 that I have to finish by Friday.
Am I worried? Nope.
Should I be? Probably
I have done more in less time so time for me to get cracking..

Correction make that by Wednesday and I have finished six of them... WHOOT

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long ago I gave up on any attempt of being what others deem normal. I have been known to start excrete liquid from my eyes in the middle of classes for no apparent reason, though there were times when the music of chorus did move me to tears because of sheer boredom. Normal is a word I don't really like to use that often, mainly because what is normal can be put up for debate quite easily.

"Normal" people can't seem to entertain themselves without some form of electronic device anymore. I get lost within the recesses of my mind at every possible opportunity. When I am bored my imagination puts me on auto pilot and takes me to a magical land of magic. Maybe that is why math is not my friend this year...

I grew up feeling like the black sheep of the family because even though my mother was hyper she was no where in my ball park of crazy or even my galaxy. I suppose you could blame the extreme crazy on my youth. (wow, that made me feel old) I did tone down the insanity a bit over the years but I can't be anyone else but myself.

On a side note I am having a very bad day school wise because of a miss communication between the collage I applied to and my high school. It got resolved but I had to spend the last twenty minutes running from guidance to home room and back and forth and back and forth. Now there are strange things going on in English class... I think I have finally lost what is left of my sanity... Nope I still have it.

I find it amusing that I have been trying to update this for about 3 hours and this is as far as i have gotten... then again I did have to do school work during this time.

No work is going to get done while Scene It is on... BWA HA HA Dani and I are dominating.. Anyway this is enough ranting for now... We shall meet again tomorrow... maybe

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Beginnings... Well.. Sort of.

For those of who who have just stumbled across this blog My name is Rain... ok so that is a lie, Rain is just easier to pronounce than my real name. I am the creator of a small web comic on titled Insanity Untamed. It is just a dramatization of my life and what goes on inside my head. I change names to protect the identities of my friends and enemies.