Friday, December 10, 2010

I can't sleep

I have inherited my sleeping habits from my father the wanderer.  I can stay up late and if I have to function on coffee for the day. There have been times when Dad and I had to get up early so we could get to the airport with enough time to get through to security and sit around for an hour. Which was fine by me because night driving in interesting for me (when I am not the one driving).

Well, the staying up late bit can become a problem when I have to repeatedly wake up at 8am so I can get ready for class and drive a half hour. It is mornings like that I am thankful I don't wear makeup. I just roll out of bed and walk the 12 steps from my room to the bathroom and pick out a shirt from the mountain of clothes next to the washer/dryer tower then I am pretty much set for the day. I have even made it easier on myself by keeping my Tue/Thurs school supplies in my car. I am dressed in 10 mins. and I surf the web for the next 20 before I leave for school.

Anyway... I spent most of Thursday (12/9/10) finishing up three essays due the next morning at 11. I am a firm beliver in the fact that if i can write 6 3-paged essays in 2 days I can write 3 2-paged essays in one. I must have looked interesting sitting on my bed wrapped in my comforter, quilt, and a fuzzy blanket like they were a huge cape because it was 15 degrees outside and my room is comprised mostly of windows. The heat was leaking out of my room out into the cold of OOB. The fact I was cold might also have something to do with the fact that my mother moved the dresser that was keeping one of my doors from moving. I have a set of french doors for a wall and I have always kept the door without the handle closed so I have an inkling of privacy.

I did get the essays done before my bedtime, which ranges from 1am to 3am. I printed out the essays then went to do the damn dishes because I was starving after not eating and I couldn't find a clean bowl. I ate dinner at 2am because I wanted stew goddamn it. I tried to go to sleep afterwords (in retrospect I shouldn't have eaten because that supposedly keeps you awake) but I couldn't. I even tried to use Georgette as a pillow but nothing was working. I did manage to fall asleep for about 20mins. before I was snapped awake suddenly. I grumbled as I wandered about the house trying to tire myself out so I could get at least a few hours of shut eye. I made a grumpy face at mom and informed her that I couldn't sleep (It was around 5 so she was already awake because the dogs so pee at 4). She told me to take out the trash and recycling because it's trash day. So I put on my jeans and mom's boots and did as she asked.

I spent the next few hours working on a story idea that I have been working on for the last few days and drinking mom's coffee (it's her blend, I drink it cause it's already made). So now it is 8:38 and I still haven't gotten a decent nights sleep and I have to start thinking about bringing my boggs into the house so they can warm up before I head off to school in the 12 degree weather.

I feel I must inform you that Georgette has decided to sit on my coat. I am going to have to give her a cookie for warming it up later. lol

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