Friday, December 24, 2010

Broken Laptop, Reading, and Twilight Fans

It is official. My laptop is broken. I will not go into detail about how it got broken but I will say this... If you buy an apple laptop, go with a uni-body.  My screen has been busted open and I am kinda sad because it will cost me a considerable amount to fix it and I am currently jobless.

What really sucks about this situation is that I never realized how many sites I had bookmarked until I started to borrow mom's laptop. I also have considerable amounts of writing done on my laptop. Like twenty rough drafts of novels... and story ideas...

I had some really good ideas jotted down that I was going to weave into a certain series. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have a sudden bout of inspiration and have to search for a notebook to write it in.

On the bright side though I have the opportunity to read more now. I am already 410 pages into my 572 page book so that is good. I did forget that I can read long novels that aren't on the internet and if I want to I can polish off a book in a night. It's somewhat less shameful to stay up late reading a book than staying up late surfing the web.

You guys have no idea how many books we have in our house that have been read devoured by my mother and I. OK so my collection is mostly manga but I do have all the Harry Potter books... somewhere. I will admit I have read the Twilight series when I younger. If any obsessed Twilight fan who thinks Edward is real tries to use this against me I can simply say that I did it so that I could  know my enemy. I have been accused of secretly liking the books on the Gaiaonline forums.

"If you hate it so much than why did you read them?" they ask me.

I will respond with.

"I admit I used to like them, then I went to high school."

I can deal with people enjoying reading Twilight, it's just the fans who are so obsessed with the entire series that they believe Edward is real.

I also don't like what Stephanie Meyer has done to the image of the vampire. As a little girl I was fascinated by vampires and even invented a imaginary boyfriend who was one of these dark creatures... and looked like a young Johnny Yong Bosch, the actor who played Adam the second black power ranger... and was named after Rocky the second red ranger... Don't judge me....

Vampire Rocky didn't struggle with the whole worry of draining me dry, then again I was seven and such an idea wasn't present to me yet. I still was fascinated by the idea of a creature that survived off the blood of others. What really made me grow to hate the twilight series was the fact the so called vampires were sparkly among other things.

. Meyer could have kept Edward's desire to kill Bella in the story but changed a few things. Like making Edward and his "family" Fae. Fae can be just as scary as a vampire and it would be plausible for them to be sparkly in the sun. Meyer could have given Bella a personality. Bella as she is now is a copy and paste character, the reader can copy and paste themselves into the story. Hence why the series is popular now, but as we know popularity does not, a good book make. I really want to know why all the students of Forks High want to be her bestie or get into her pants. Actually, I want to know why Edward wants to date a girl who is the vampire equivalent of crack? Why does the world revolve around Bella?

I am aware that the book is told from Bella's point of view but seriously, part of me thinks that Bells is making most of this shit up. Wait... that would explain a lot. She has rewritten her human life cause she realized she was boring.

I have to talk about the stupid baby who I hated from the moment Meyer started to flesh out her character. Renesemee Cullen is the type of character who I make into the villain in my writing. She is way to full of herself and I wanted the Volturi to kill her. And another thing.. The imprinting of a teenager on a baby... WTF MEYER? That is gross... No! ILLEGAL! GOD STUPID BOOKS MAKE ME ANGRY!! RAIN SMASH!

Sorry about that... I have watched all the movies thus far and I will continue to do so until they run out of steam. Why? Because, I want to see Charlie. He is by far the best character in all of the movies. I say in the movies because he doesn't have much personality in the books. I want there to be a movie about him and his dealing with his stupid daughter who wants to be sucked dry by Eddiekins.

You know what is a good example of taking the vampire mythos and changing it. The Intertwined books by Gena Showalter. The vampires in Intertwined are actually menacing and the Vampire love interest, Victoria, actually eats humans and she isn't a whiny. She actually drinks off of her boyfriend who is human and the reason she just doesn't turn him because it might very well end him forever. Not just because she doesn't want to damn his soul. But you know why these books are so great? The main character, Aden, is not loved by everyone and he has issues. He lives at a ranch for troubled boys because people think he's crazy because there are four human souls living in his head. This actually makes his reaction to the concept of  the existence vampires makes more sense. He was already introduced to the of the supernatural. Also want to know how long it takes him to start kicking butt? The first chapter. How long did it take Twilight?  18...

The bad guys both appear later in the books but Showalter actually mentions the bad guy before he appears even if it is only in passing. I just realized that both books have vampires named Victoria and both of them are more interesting than any of the Cullens.

I have to add that in my opinon the reason why Twilight is so popular is it doesn't make people really think. There is little to no foreshadowing and the end of the entire series is highly disappointing. I am still reading the secound book in the Intertwined Series but so far it's a trillion times better than Twilight.

Oh and Jinni, you are more awesome than Victoria ^^ I <3 you.... like a sister.

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