Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A-Dork-Able pt. 1

Welcome to the new segment entitled ADORKable where I tell you about the dorky things I do or own that makes me just that much more adorable.

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday I load my backpack on wheels into my car and leave for school. When I get there and start to walk towards Jewett Hall I feel like a huge dork. What is it about walking down a street with a rolling bag that makes me feel like I am an idiot? Is it the fact the last time I had one of those babies I was in fifth grade.

I have my reasons for using the rolling backpack, like the fact I have to lug heavy textbooks across campus and I inherited back problems from my mother. I still feel like an old lady with that bag but I will continue to use it until I find a better alternative.

That's all for now... Time to go back to watching season 5 of House M.D.  and Daria on DVD

Oh, on a side note my mother broke the washing machine again... Why do I see many laundry mat visits in my future? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nami Vs. Rain

What can I say about Nami? She was a thorn in my side during my last year of high school. She somehow weaseled her way back into our group freshmen year.

Even my mother doesn't like her. She had a nightmare where Nami would not leave her alone. I feel my mother's pain.

BTW Nami and her family are dancing ghost eaters... You heard that right she is a MOFO Warlock, thought she can't do that right. She still has one floating around her head, granted it's a mess. It's left drooling and void of most emotions except the primitive ones. It's very creepy. Warlocks can't see the dancing ghosts but they can sense them so that is why Ghosty was safe.... I kept telling everyone she was hiding in my bag when she was really hiding in my hood.

I can't believe I was being used by Nami and her whole family. Warlocks gain power by eating the guardian (dancing) ghosts. I was a means to an end. I can pinpoint the location of ghosts and talk to them, thankfully she doesn't know about Alan.

Alan has the ability to see the ghosts as well only his powers come from a demon cursing him with the ability to see them. He hates it most of the time cause his ghost is a little perv.

Anyway I have been avoiding Nami lest I say some things that I might regret later. Nami has a way of digging her claws into unsuspecting people. I pity her dorm mate.

I am not the only one who dislikes her... Beth and Dani both hate her with a fiery passion and I didn't even tell them Nami tried to eat their ghosts.

Well it is late and I have class in the morning... Night

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Rain

My mother asked me to wash some clothes, simple enough. I picked up my mother's jeans and did a quick pocket check and threw them in the washing machine. I then threw in one of her work shirts, my jeans, a few of my shirts and a bra. I poured out the correct amount of liquid detergent, set it and forgot it.

I went back into my room and started at the computer screen while I tried to think of how to start my essay for English. About three hours later I remembered the laundry so I got up and trotted over to the bathroom/laundry room and moved the clothes in the dryer over to the mountain to deal with later. When I moved the last article of clothing in to the dryer I noticed a black lump in the washing machine. It was my mother's cell phone... I promptly swore and tried to turn it on in the hopes it was one of those wonder phones that can survive anything.

Needless to say it didn't work. I started towards the stairs and stared picturing the punishments I would endure because of this. I could just see my mother inflicted the look upon me as I climbed the stairs. I stood at the head of my mom's bed and took a deep breath.

"I am a bad daughter." I informed my mother who was barely awake.
"What?" was her responce.
"I killed your phone... I will go ground myself now."
"What happened?"
"Your phone went through the washing machine."

My Mom looked at me and shrugged.
 "I am not to worried about it... Go to bed."
So I did.

This is not the first time I have killed a phone. There was that time I fell in to a lake with my cellphone in my pocket... I have stepped on one of my old ones and destroyed the screen.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look at the shiny

I have put a down payment on a used PT Cruiser. This is a big step for me and I am paying for this with my own money. I have been shopping around for the last few weeks and decided that a PT Cruiser was what I wanted over the Neons we looked at.

The first car my mother owned, (which was bought after I was born) was an emerald green Ford Escort that lasted eight years before we needed to change the battery. I don't remember when we started calling her Esmeralda (after the gypsy from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame... which brings up a new thought.... how the hell was her kid white in the second movie?) but that is what we call her to this day...

We even dubbed one of Grandma's Golf Carts Pearl, thought I can't remember which on since she has replaced them at least twice since she retired. Our attempts to give the red Jeep Cherokee one of my uncles bought my mom when we had to replace Esmeralda because she was not used to the long trek every day from our new house to Mom's work. My idea to name it Rubella was shot down almost immediately.

I was ten how was I supposed to know that was the name of a virus...

The monster would forever be know as simply the Jeep. Whatever repairs Mom had to get mended would be met with this remark by yours truly. "Well at least the Jeep was free." So what is the A/C doesn't work and the only way to cool off the car is to roll down the windows. The windows that only the diver can roll down because the switches don't work on any of the other doors... The widows that have occasionally gone off the track and  fell open when it was the winter. So what if the heater decided it would be fun to stop working three years ago in the middle of the winter. So what if the only way to listen to music is to set the fade all the way to the rear speakers cause the front speakers conked out. So what if the dammed thing sucks up gas like it was oxygen. So what if the battery decided to die when Mom and I were both late for school it's a MOFO free car.

Esmeralda was tagged with fond childhood memories and I was sad to see her go... but mom never let my draw on the dashboard until last year. OMG have you ever just picked up a chalk and doodled on the steering wheel of a car? It's fun vandalism!

The guy was surprised that I was interested in the PT Cruiser because apparently peoples my age want foreign sports cars that are worth a gazillion trillion dollars... After driving a jeep since I was sixteen I feel more comfortable driving a bigger car.

So I only need to sign the paper work and drive all the way into the middle of New Hampshire and I will have my very own car..... HAPPY DANCE OF JUSTICE.

So yes... Help me name my car...

Scarlet or Garnet?