Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nami Vs. Rain

What can I say about Nami? She was a thorn in my side during my last year of high school. She somehow weaseled her way back into our group freshmen year.

Even my mother doesn't like her. She had a nightmare where Nami would not leave her alone. I feel my mother's pain.

BTW Nami and her family are dancing ghost eaters... You heard that right she is a MOFO Warlock, thought she can't do that right. She still has one floating around her head, granted it's a mess. It's left drooling and void of most emotions except the primitive ones. It's very creepy. Warlocks can't see the dancing ghosts but they can sense them so that is why Ghosty was safe.... I kept telling everyone she was hiding in my bag when she was really hiding in my hood.

I can't believe I was being used by Nami and her whole family. Warlocks gain power by eating the guardian (dancing) ghosts. I was a means to an end. I can pinpoint the location of ghosts and talk to them, thankfully she doesn't know about Alan.

Alan has the ability to see the ghosts as well only his powers come from a demon cursing him with the ability to see them. He hates it most of the time cause his ghost is a little perv.

Anyway I have been avoiding Nami lest I say some things that I might regret later. Nami has a way of digging her claws into unsuspecting people. I pity her dorm mate.

I am not the only one who dislikes her... Beth and Dani both hate her with a fiery passion and I didn't even tell them Nami tried to eat their ghosts.

Well it is late and I have class in the morning... Night

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  1. It seems like everyone you know has 4 letter names.