Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poor Ghosty

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 I started college on Monday. Ghosty hates it when I start going to a different school because of the people she doesn't know. I am sitting in the student center waiting for my class which starts at 1100 and it's 0926 now and I have 38% (about 40 min.) of power left on my laptop. I keep eyeballing all the outlets but I suffer from the crippling disease of shyness. So I will most likely start reading my history book instead of ask to sit with someone who is near the wall with an outlet. Being shy sucks.

I remember being more shy when I was little and being deceptively quiet when ever I started a new school. Then one day I let the fact I see Ghosty let slip and I am ostracized again. Well, my old high school was very accepting about me and my strange ways. I may never be that lucky ever again.

I don't know how to interact with people. I mean I haven't had to make friends with people since the sixth grade, is that doesn't make me out of practice I don't know what what does. Actually I am suprised I made the friends I did considerign Beth has a slight lack of emotion and Dani is a player in the management profession... PIMP! We shall not talk about Nami at this time... That is for next week.

Poor Ghosty, at least she has a bag to hide in now. although she has to share the bag with several textbooks... BWA HA HA I JUST MOVED SO I CAN HAVE AN OUTLET SEAT I FEEL DIABOLICAL BWA HA HA!! I didn't have to interact with people! I don't mind being alone, it makes the fact I space out look less... ditzy. I am infamous for the fact I forget somethings almost as soon as I hear them.

I have picked up the weird habit of writing time like this 1300 instead of 1:00 pm. I picked this up at work and I think it's going to stay for a long while. It just makes it less complicated... maybe. I think it looks cool, like a secret code. I am Rain the spy!!! mwa ha ha ha ha!

I started a post for next week and it's a long one. I promise... I just need to get my hands on mom's laptop... Give me time my pretties, give me time. See you next week ^^

Thursday, August 19, 2010

High School All Over Again

I was forced to get up really early this morning so that I could car pool with my mother to our place of work. She had to be there three hours before I did so I was planing on taking a nap in our Jeep. I spent all of a half hour in the car tossing and turning before I turned to the wireless interwebs provided by the company where I work. It is ment to be used for the costumers, but why is Facebook, Youtube and Twitter blocked? The web sites with naughty images I can understand but what is morally wrong about Youtube?

I feel like I am back in high school again. They blocked a whole bunch of sites, and again I understand the pornographic sites. The thing is the high school I went to let me procrastinate on Youtube...

Is the company I work for trying to prevent employees from playing on the internet? It seems a bit to over censored to me. Then again I am of the generation that needs the internet to survive. At LEAST GIVE ME YOUTUBE!!!! T-T