Thursday, August 19, 2010

High School All Over Again

I was forced to get up really early this morning so that I could car pool with my mother to our place of work. She had to be there three hours before I did so I was planing on taking a nap in our Jeep. I spent all of a half hour in the car tossing and turning before I turned to the wireless interwebs provided by the company where I work. It is ment to be used for the costumers, but why is Facebook, Youtube and Twitter blocked? The web sites with naughty images I can understand but what is morally wrong about Youtube?

I feel like I am back in high school again. They blocked a whole bunch of sites, and again I understand the pornographic sites. The thing is the high school I went to let me procrastinate on Youtube...

Is the company I work for trying to prevent employees from playing on the internet? It seems a bit to over censored to me. Then again I am of the generation that needs the internet to survive. At LEAST GIVE ME YOUTUBE!!!! T-T

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