Friday, September 30, 2011

I laugh at your calf mucles

After going to school I went to my mother's work to kidnap her. I needed to go to an art museum and look at some type of ancient artwork for my art class. Since the museum at Bowdoin College had free admission and a better selection of art I chose to go there. Even thought it was an hour long drive.

We then proceeded to get lost on the Bowdoin College  campus until we found the museum. I think we spent about twenty minutes just walking around the second floor of the museum before I found a piece I found interesting.

I had brought in a purse I had kept in the car so I didn't have to tuck a notebook under my arm. I whipped out the notebook and proceeded to write down the basic info of the card tacked onto the display case.

As I was scribbling down notes about the artifact in front of me a guard with a long gray ponytail walked near me and looked at me. For some reason I felt like I was acting suspicious. He didn't say anything, but I felt kinda guilty for having a mechanical pencil in my hand around priceless pieces of history. But I got over it.

I almost started to laugh at a relief of a winged god and his extremely muscled calves. They were thicker than Josie's waist.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye Netflix

I canceled my Netflix account today. Lately the selection hasn't been worth the new price hike and the split into two companies. I wasn't happy when they increased the rate the first time but I got over it. This new price was just to much. I can get a better value from Hulu. Hell I think I might just switch to hulu plus. Hulu Plus and Videoport seems like a better value to me. Videoport has nice people, Like the Snake Man who I have known since I was little and cool looking younger people. I am not spending $24 a month for six DVD's when I could spend $30 and get $10 extra in movie rentals for free. Yeah, Videoport has a 30 for 40 deal and they don't charge you monthly.

Actually even when I had Netflix I would still go to Videoport and rent movies. i think in the long run I might save a bit of money doing the video run at Maine based business.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I can't stop buying

I am one of those people who keeps buying things for my car. Not things for the outside of my car to spice it up. (For some reason I am afraid to put stickers on MY car, yet I want to use window paint on mom's car)
A few of the things that one can find in my car...
A AAA road side kit (I find it funny it came with a orange rape whistle)
two flashlights (One I bought and keep in the glove box, the other came with a roadside kit Pete gave me)
extra lady products (can never be too careful)
asprin (damn you headaches)
extra happy pills (YEAH SANITY!)
mints (Just cause)
a pillow (For naps)
two throw blankets(MORE NAPS)
stickie notes (I like to forget things)
a cooler (for when I go buy frozen food)
Two Angry Birds I have named Chuck (a black bomb bird) and Norris (A red bird who glares at the drivers in front of me.)
Car seat covers for the front seat (This one was sort of a given considering that dogs don't wipe their feet when entering a car.)
baby wipes (I spill... a lot)

Yeah... It's a wonder there is even room for people in my car. Granted some stuff is in the trunk and secret draws under seats but still... Holy crap. It doesn't help that I love to shop. There is a branch of my Credit Union in a Walmart. After I cash my check I wander the aisles mostly shopping in my head and occasionally buying something.

I have this method of shopping that I think stems from my youth. When I was little and mom and I went shopping together and I saw something I wanted Mom would inform me that I could carry it around the store with me then we had to put it back before we left. Somehow that worked and I would be perfectly content with that method.

Now when I go shopping I pick up something I want and I carry it around with me for a while before deciding if I want to put up the money for it. Sometimes it works... Other times it doesn't(Hence Chuck and Norris). When i was introduced to shopping via the internet I found my self keeping a tab open of the object for days on end.

I actually have a folder on my toolbar of bookmarked products I WANT!!! This keeps me from spending my money needlessly most of the time. But there are times I slip. Like the time I bought the entire series of Are You Being Served on dvd... then again it was only forty five dollars and had been reduced from about ninety five... WORTH IT!!!