Friday, September 30, 2011

I laugh at your calf mucles

After going to school I went to my mother's work to kidnap her. I needed to go to an art museum and look at some type of ancient artwork for my art class. Since the museum at Bowdoin College had free admission and a better selection of art I chose to go there. Even thought it was an hour long drive.

We then proceeded to get lost on the Bowdoin College  campus until we found the museum. I think we spent about twenty minutes just walking around the second floor of the museum before I found a piece I found interesting.

I had brought in a purse I had kept in the car so I didn't have to tuck a notebook under my arm. I whipped out the notebook and proceeded to write down the basic info of the card tacked onto the display case.

As I was scribbling down notes about the artifact in front of me a guard with a long gray ponytail walked near me and looked at me. For some reason I felt like I was acting suspicious. He didn't say anything, but I felt kinda guilty for having a mechanical pencil in my hand around priceless pieces of history. But I got over it.

I almost started to laugh at a relief of a winged god and his extremely muscled calves. They were thicker than Josie's waist.

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