Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye Netflix

I canceled my Netflix account today. Lately the selection hasn't been worth the new price hike and the split into two companies. I wasn't happy when they increased the rate the first time but I got over it. This new price was just to much. I can get a better value from Hulu. Hell I think I might just switch to hulu plus. Hulu Plus and Videoport seems like a better value to me. Videoport has nice people, Like the Snake Man who I have known since I was little and cool looking younger people. I am not spending $24 a month for six DVD's when I could spend $30 and get $10 extra in movie rentals for free. Yeah, Videoport has a 30 for 40 deal and they don't charge you monthly.

Actually even when I had Netflix I would still go to Videoport and rent movies. i think in the long run I might save a bit of money doing the video run at Maine based business.

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