Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A-Dork-Able pt. 1

Welcome to the new segment entitled ADORKable where I tell you about the dorky things I do or own that makes me just that much more adorable.

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday I load my backpack on wheels into my car and leave for school. When I get there and start to walk towards Jewett Hall I feel like a huge dork. What is it about walking down a street with a rolling bag that makes me feel like I am an idiot? Is it the fact the last time I had one of those babies I was in fifth grade.

I have my reasons for using the rolling backpack, like the fact I have to lug heavy textbooks across campus and I inherited back problems from my mother. I still feel like an old lady with that bag but I will continue to use it until I find a better alternative.

That's all for now... Time to go back to watching season 5 of House M.D.  and Daria on DVD

Oh, on a side note my mother broke the washing machine again... Why do I see many laundry mat visits in my future? 

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