Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poor Kitty

I took notice of the fact Georgette had a bald spot on her back side a few days ago. I pushed the fur around the area back and saw a wound. I began to worry about it but I decided to worry about it after class. So I got ready and left for school. I got to school a half hour earlier than I needed to be so I sat in Garnet and called mom on my cell phone.

"Why is my dog going bald Mom?"


"Georgette has a injury that she has been licking and now she is going bald."

Mom said she would look at it after work and I went to get my education.

The next day mom called the vet and left a message on my cell phone that I had turned off. I just happened to have swung by her work cause I wanted to deposit a check in the ATM in the lobby even though the bank was across the street. She told me to drag my poor puppy to the Vet.

I had time so I went to get something to eat because I was starving and my emergency pop tarts in the glove box wasn't going to cut it. I went to Panera Bread and got a sandwich then sped towards the highway. In my hast and occupation with stuffing my face with sandwich I didn't notice I was heading north instead of south. I quickly turned myself around and forked over another dollar to the toll plaza. I grabbed Georgette after quickly walking the other two.

Not wanting a repeat of the last time I had to take a dog to the vet on my own I filled up my gas tank. We got to the vet early and waited in one of the exam rooms, Georogette cowered under my chair as I read my book.

The vet ended up having to shave her back and give me pills to sneak into my dog's after walk snack. My poor dog wanted out of the vet pronto and the moment that cone was secured around her neck she tried to make a break for the door. Two things were wrong with her plan...

1) She was on a leash and could only go so far.

2) The door was closed and she walked right into it.

She is doing better now that she has been wearing a shirt. But because she is a smaller dog we are having trouble keeping the shirts on her. Now I must focus on the fact I have a paper due today that I haven't finished yet.... Shit.

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