Sunday, November 14, 2010

College Is Like A Jungle...

It is time once again to select new classes for the next semester and of course that means hundreds of students trying to find classes. It's a hunt and you have to be a ninja to get the classes you want. I have already picked out the classes I want and now i wait for the Add/Drop period to open so I can be all set for this spring.

In high school you wrote down what electives you wanted to take and got put on a list in alphabetical order by grade level. Seniors got 1st pick, juniors got 2nd ETC. ETC.

One class I refuse to take ever again is chorus. When I was younger it was mandatory for all the grades to perform a few songs once a year. I loved it when I was little, especially that one time we had a Sound of Music theme and I got a solo. What amuses me was that I could have been Gretl the youngest of the Von Trapps. Instead I was a puppeteer and I got to sing. "One little girl in a pale pink coat hear. *yodeling* She yodeled back to the lonely ghost heard." I was so proud then.

I moved onto St. Patrick's catholic school (which is now condos BWA HA HA) and tried Chrous my first year and sort of fell out of if. That was until I started going to Loranger Middle School in Old Orchard Beach. I was an Alto at first then I got switched into the Sopranos.  It was the first time I stayed with chorus for more than one year. I stayed in chorus for six and a half school years.

Dani and I both got out of Chrous because, well... Stupid Freshmen are Stupid. My junior years was great because I was in the class that met ever other day and had very few underclassmen. We knew the drill and got straight to the point.

Chrous as a senior made me want to pull out my hair. Not only was my teacher pregnant, making her evil, their was only one class. The freshmen would not shut up and kept breaking the two major rules. 

1) No cellphones.

2) No gum

I GTHFO of there after one semester. The bad semester wasn't really the only reason for me opting out. I was kinda annoyed that the same group of kids kept getting the solos. I know that I don't have the best voice but I'm no slouch either. Maybe it's cause I am a loud person and thus a loud singer or maybe the teacher just played favorites.  I hadn't gotten a solo since sophomore year and I was bummed.

It got to the point when I didn't even care if my parents came to see me sing. Dad had to drive for three hours just to see an hour and a half of band and chorus. I didn't see the worth in making my parents come if I didn't stand out. I am tall so I was always thrust into the back of the bleachers behind everyone else. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

My current schedule is as follows

This is what I want for next semester

 Hmm what an awful lot of English. Now I must wait until 8 am... or midnight I'm not sure yet

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