Monday, November 15, 2010

I Need To Know

I started to re watch Disney's latest princess movie, The Princess and The Frog just so I could have some background noise while I hand colored a picture with colored pencils. I pretty much ignored most of the movie looking up only when something interesting was said on screen. I paid full attention when my favorite character Mama Odie entered the movie.

If you don't know Mama Odie is a blind one hundred ninety seven year old bind who lives Lives in a mofo boat in a tree on the bayou. I tell you if the trees in my grandma's back yard had been strong enough to support a freaking boat shaped tree house I would have plead for one.. Heck if I had a back yard now I would want one now even though I am nineteen.

Mama Odie is a strange person and this can be conributed to the fact that she is 197 and doesn't give a rats ass what you think of her. But one thing bugged me while watching the movie. Mama Odie is making Gumbo in a bathtub. As awesome as this concept is I can't help but wonder.... How is the Gumbo staying in the bathtub?

As you are aware, bath tubs have drains. I am pretty sure that a rubber stopper would melt or die or something alone those lines if it was put directly over flames. Did Mama Odie have secret wielding skills and weld a piece of metal to the drain? (That would explain why she is blind. ) Did she use magic to close up the hole? What? TELL ME DISNEY! SCREW SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF I NEED TO KNOW!!!

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