Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last Sunday was the worst day I have experienced so far. It all started when my charger decided to kick the bucket and I had no power for my laptop. I was OK with that, I mean I could just go to the Apple store after classes on Monday and get it checked out. I tried to use mom's laptop but couldn't figure out how to switch between wireless signals so I just played solitaire.

Then the rain came. My bedroom ceiling started to leak all over my bed and I got an eyeful of ceiling water. Since mom and I had ditched the metal frame I could easily move my bed so that the water wouldn't dampen my face. I managed to move it but I stepped on a corner of the box spring that was coming off and punctured one of my little toes on my left foot. I of course started to cry and bitch about my life to poor Georgette.

I got the bed settled and punched off the light to go to sleep with a constant dripping going off by my head. The sound was maddening so I grabbed my pillows and blankets then herded my dog into the living room. I laid down a blanket on the couch and piled my pillows. I turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep. I have been forced to sleep on the couch many times before and I hate it. The couch is not big enough for me and a dog to sleep on and all of the dogs like company when napping.

As I lay in the dark I was treated to the sound of howling wind and the house settling. I turned the light back on and started to play solitaire again when the power went off. I closed the lid on mom's laptop, since I didn't know how long the black out would last, and sat in the pitch black. I started to feel my deep set fear of strange noises in the dark start to act up.

The lights went back on and I got up and went into the kitchen to get my emo diary. The emo diary is a notebook I write in when I am feeling strong negative emotions that I want to share with mom but can't vocalize it because I am in coherent. I started to write my about my anger and sadness about my woes. It was mostly just a rant. I played solitaire until the dripping had longer gaps in between and charged my iPod on mom's laptop. Then I gathered my bed supplies and went back to bed.

I am a firm believer in karma. When ever something bad happens something equally good is on it's way. Let's just say that my Monday was a lot better than Sunday was.

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