Monday, February 28, 2011


A long while ago the stop sign across the street from my house disappeared. I don't remember why it vanished but I think it had something to do with the remnants of a hurricane. The why isn't all that important to this story.

My house is on the corner of the intersection of two narrow streets. Cars that go down the street that I live on (meaning it's in our mailing address) do not have to stop when they reach the intersection. They can just breeze through. Which is fine, but the other street used to have a permanent stop sign cemented next to my neighbor's second porch. The stop sign has been replaced with one that is zippy tied to a stand. This temp sign is kinda low to the ground.

Here is the part where I get mad... People have been ignoring said sign. I am waiting for the day when an idiot ignores the sign and gets into an accident right in front of my house. Not only will I be pissed that someone was stupid enough to ignore the sign but depending on the season and the time of day my car or mom's could get crushed. I bet Pirate Pete won't be to happy either since he is our car insurance pirate, I mean agent.

Every time I am in my car and I see someone drive through the stop sign I will honk my horn at them and start cursing. I am not the only one who is upset about this in my neighborhood. There are little kids in my neighbor hood who I have seen whip down the streets. I'd hate to see any of them get hurt because some idiot wasn't paying attention.

I am afraid to even drive down the street that never had a stop sign because I can't afford to repair my car if I get into an accident. You have no idea how mad it makes me to see people flat out ignore the stop signs. I am really starting to consider yelling at town hall to get the fucking thing fixed.

Oh, God... I live across the street from an outdoor theater... Stupid people will come to my neighbor hood. I need to find a place to hide...

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